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OPC Server

Industry standard communications server for easy extraction of data from Unitronics PLC's™

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Why use Unitronics?

The rising success of the iPhone™ depends not only on a reliable piece of hardware but also what you can do with it.   Gone are the days when people buy a phone just to make phone calls.  Email collection and video are considered a throw away must, but the real benefit is when you can tailor the phone to do what you want.  Enter the 'App', which along with a dependable delivery method (the iTunes Store) revolutionised the use of a mobile phone.

So a successful product is not just the hardware but additional software and support services to allow that hardware to integrate into the real world of problem solving.

Unitronics realised this early on in the development of the OPLC™ and have provided a suite of software packages to make their hardware instantly usable.  In addition to the software there are also online tutorials and web forums, to allow discussion of various issues, all supported by the Unitronics technical department and a network of highly competent distributors.