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Unitronics Software

Free upgrade to Visilogics 9.4.0

A new version of Visilogics programming software can be downloaded from the Unitronics website by clicking here.  The following enhancements have been made as well as some bug fixes.

Faster Image Download – Only new images are downloaded with an application.

New, glossy Virtual Keyboards for V1040/V1210

Information Mode, Enhanced Vision only – The Software section now includes the VisiLogic application name, and the PC User Name of the computer on which the application was written.  You can view now up to 64 files from SD card [was up to 8]

String Libraries – These now offer the following enhancements:
– If strings that are exported to Excel are defined to certain fonts, those fonts are retained at export, and if the Excel file is imported to a different library, the font definitions are maintained.
– You can now select which String Library to display within the HMI editor in VisiLogic, including an option to display the longest text.

Edit multiple HMI static elements – If you select, for example, two rectangles, and right-click them, common editable properties such as foreground may be edited for both rectangles.

Export Display to .bmp – A new toolbar button in the HMI editor enables you to capture the current display.

Project Memory Map – Now also shows DLUs.

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