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New high speed Jazz unit- JZ20-T40

New Jazz®2 Models Twice the Power ▪ 30x the Speed ▪ Same Low Price

New Jazz®2 Models
Twice the Power ▪ 30x the Speed ▪ Same Low Price

We are pleased to introduce additional new models to the Jazz®2 series: JZ20-T40. The Jazz®2 series is a game-changing model, it is thirty times faster, has twice the memory, and yet sells for the same low price as the JZ10 -11-T40.

In addition to all the core features, the JZ20-T40 come with the following enhancements:

More than 30 times faster performance

  • Double the memory size for Ladder code and OS
  • Built in mini-USB programming port
  • Future support for external Ethernet port, details will be announced at a later date

When Can I Get One?

The units are already available in stock.

What U90Ladder version is compatible with Jazz®2?

U90Ladder 6.6.4  and up.

What about my existing applications for JZ10-11-T40?

Jazz® 2 offers the same look, dimensions, wiring, and functional behavior!

Update your existing project to use Jazz® 2 in three steps:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Select the new model in Hardware Configuration.
  3. Save the application.

When will the JZ10-11-T40  expire?

We will accept purchase orders submitted before January 31st, 2015.

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