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New members to the V130 Series Same Features ▪ Same Price ▪ IP66/IP65

By September 11, 2013No Comments

Following the success of the V570-57-T20B-J flat-panel and recently announced V350-J, we are introducing the flat-panel V130-J models, specifically suited to the requirements of the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries.

NEW look V130-J

When Can I Get One?    First delivery from October 1st.

 What are the differences between the V130-J Flat models and the V130 classic models?    The models are identical: Specification, Wiring, Software, Size and Price. The only difference is with the front panel.

Was IP66 introduced now to the V130-J series only?     No, IP66 certification is available with the V130 classic version also.

 What are the available Models?

Flat Front


V130-J-B1 V130-33-B1
V130-J-R34 V130-33-R34
V130-J-RA22 V130-33-RA22
V130-J-T2 V130-33-T2
V130-J-T38 V130-33-T38
V130-J-TA24 V130-33-TA24
V130-J-TR20 V130-33-TR20
V130-J-TR34 V130-33-TR34
V130-J-TR6 V130-33-TR6
V130-J-TRA22 V130-33-TRA22

Will the V130-J models replace the V130 Classic models?    No, both front options will continue to be offered as standard products.

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