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New to PLC’s and HMI’s?

By February 25, 2015No Comments

There are many training kits for people starting off on their journey of Factory Automation (FA). Here at i4 Automation we think it’s worth while going strait for the real thing.

We offer:-

1. Free programming software (integrated solution for the PLC and HMI)

2. Free programming cable.

3. PLC and HMI all in one. (you only have to learn 1 software package and do the job once!)

More information on our website

Max headroom video   (if you are too young to remember Max you can find him on youtube

Software and getting started info

SM35-J-R20 SM35-J-T20 SM43-J-R20 SM43-J-T20


and we will not increase our price and put a “Training kit” label on it.

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