Vision Enhanced

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  • Vision 1210™ – 12″ Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 1040™ – 10.4″ Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 700™ 7″ – Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 570™ 5.7″ – Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 560™ 5.7″ – Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 430™ 4.3″ – Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 350™ 3.5″ – Touchscreen PLC & HMI

  • Vision 130™ – 2.4″ Monochrome PLC & HMI

The Enhanced Vision range builds on the Standard Vision PLC series, using the same versatile and easy to use VisiLogic programming software. This series of programmable logic controllers, ranges from small monochrome controllers with integrated I/O to large-screen controllers with modular snap-in & remote I/O. The Enhanced Vision range is versatile, reliable and used as a solution in many applications – a group of cost-effective All-in-One controllers.

Vision offers a wide range of models to provide solutions for any automation requirements. The smaller controllers offer a broad range of built-in I/O configurations and the larger-screen controllers support a variety of I/O modules that snap onto the back of the PLC/HMI unit. As well as direct I/O these Vision units are expandable using remote I/O Expansion Modules that can supply digital, relay, high-speed, thermocouple and load cell options.