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Product Overview


Integrated PLC & HMIConventional technology has the machine controlled by a PLC and monitored with an HMI, whereas a more modern approach is to use an integrated unit where the PLC and HMI are combined into a single module. The Unitronics range of combined PLC & HMI's have either two line text displays or graphic displays varying in size from 2.4 inch monochrome to 15.6 inch full colour screens with a maximun capacity of over 2048 inputs and outputs.

LÜTZE Power Supplies

LUETZE Power Supplies LUETZE delivers power supplies that can meet all standards - and with 50% lower construction size and efficiency of >94% in extended temperature range of -25°C / +75°C. Including International approvals!

Industrial Interface

Signal conditioning equipmentA range of signal conditioning and signal converters with the latest Zigbee wireless technology built in, these units can be used to monitor process parameters and collate measurements back to a central database.  They are ideal for monitoring process equipment such as motor temperatures and vibration levels or for monitoring building humidity.


Sensopart sensorsWithout sensors it would be impossible to control an application, sensors can be simple on/off proximity devices through analogue distance measurement to high end camera based decision or measuring.  Accurate over ranges from several millimetres to several meters we have reflective, through beam, proximity, laser, infra red and more.  If you have a difficult sensing application then we would love to accept the challenge.


Industrial communicationsThe current challenge throughout industrial control is to log process history, such as temperature and pH level, and to reduce the costs associated with ongoing maintenance. Remote operation is an important factor in this issue and Westermo industrial communication equipment allows this to happen, reliably and easily.  Industrial routers, Ethernet extenders and wireless technology all combine to solve your communications requirements.