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Put more fibre in your control diet…

By February 25, 2013No Comments

we’d like to let you know about our special offer on fibre optic amplifiers. Plus we have training updates and Technical Top Tip’s for getting the most from your programming software…

SensoPart amplifier & controller special offer

Market leading with German reliability and packed with features.

Fibre Optic Amplifiers from SensoPart Germany.

Sensopart Fibre Optic Sensors
We have teamed up with SensoPart UK to give you the opportunity for a very special deal. To enable customers to try our fibre optic amplifiers we have crashed the prices and given you the choice of three packages.

Sensor amplifier & controller plus a choice of fibres and control cable. All you need to get started for £99.99.
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Why not have 2 copies of Visilogic running at the same time? It’s easy…

Technical Top TipRun two copies of Visilogic on the same machine
Run two programming sessions at the same time!
It’s really useful to compare two programmes, follow this simple guide and you can run two independent instances of the Visilogics programming software on the same PC at the same time.
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Either in the class room or on line, we have low cost options to get you started quickly…

Webinar on PID and Autotune on February 27th. So if you want to sit at your desk and

All ready for the training on Visilogic and Unitronics range of combination PLC and HMI's

All ready for the training on Visilogic and Unitronics range of combination PLC and HMI’s

learn from the comfort of your PC, please drop me a line to book your place.
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Alternatively we run regular training sessions, grouping people of similar ability together so the pace suits either first time users or experienced programmers. Keeping groups small and offering hands on training we cater for people of all experiences.
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Mitsubishi Programming Cables
Tried and tested USB & Serial in stock. Order on line.
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