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Unitronics Automation

Run two Visilogics sessions at the same time!

Visilogics is the free of charge programming software for Unitronics Vision series of OPLC’s.  It is possible to run two sessions of Visilogics at the same time on the same PC by just copying and pasting a few folders.  This procedure has been tested on W7 and W8 but as these instances are fully independent please remember that if you upgrade one instance then you should also upgrade the second instance.

This procedure is useful if you want to work on two different programs at any one time.  It should not be used to maintain previous versions of Visilogics software as a separate utility program called the Visilogics Version Swapper is available, free of charge, to keep track of this for you.  The version swapper allows you to hold multiple versions of Visilogics on your PC and then swap between previous versions of the programming software in order to maintain legacy programs.

Download the pdf from here i4 Application Note Page

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