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Software Up-Grades October 2015

VisiLogic 9.8.0, what’s New?

New Hardware = New software. Introducing the 7″ wide screen PLC and HMI Vision700 controller

V700-T20BJ is a powerful PLC + HMI that comprises a beautiful 7″ built-in color touchscreen.

The V700 belongs to the same Vision division as the V1210, V1040, and V570, and supports the same Snap-in I/O and I/O Expansion modules, as well as all of the same high-level functionality.

In addition, this controller comprises a built-in Ethernet port that supports 8 sockets, a USB programming port and a RS232/485 port. You can also order and install two additional COM ports, both a CANbus port and an additional serial port which may be RS232/485 or a Profibus port.

Note that your V700 Ethernet applications will not use the standard Ethernet system operands. Check the Help topic Vision700 – Using Ethernet to learn more (or give us a call).

   Samba43 & Samba7: Expanded Memory
VisiLogic version 9.7.74 and up includes firmware, OS 4.1.15 and Boot 2.2.41 and later. This firmware nearly doubles the memory capacity of Samba models SM43 and SM70.

Please note that:
    Beginning from VisiLogic version 9.7.74, when you download an application to a SM43 or SM707 that is running firmware previous to OS 4.1.15 and Boot 2.2.41, VisiLogic will request that you update the firmware. This will delete the application in the controller.
    This firmware upgrade includes both Boot and OS.  Boot files can only be downloaded via a serial connection.
    If you use UniDownload Designer, make sure that you includeOS 4.1.15 and Boot 2.2.41 or later along with the project files. In addition, note that any Downloader files that contain a Boot file can only be downloaded via serial connection.

Samba43 & Vision430: New Virtual Keypads
Improved, elegant alpha-numeric and numeric virtual keyboards are supported by the OS released with this version of VisiLogic. Beginning from VisiLogic version 9.7.74, when you download an application to a SM43 or V430 that is running an OS previous to OS 4.1.15, VisiLogic will request that you update the firmware.
After the OS is updated, and you download an application from VisiLogic 9.7.74 and up, the controllers will display the new keyboards.
3G Modem Support
Vision and Samba controllers now support the Cinterion EHS6T 3G modem.
Note that the modem must be running firmware version 03.001.

Please note that as of this version, the function block PLC DataCom is no longer supported.

Download it directly from Unitronics website VisiLogic 9.8.0

 UniLogic 1.15.70, what’s New?

This major release increases your control power with new hardware, plus a number of software features that greatly broaden the range of your potential applications.

Two new I/O modules are supported in this version, including the UIS-WCB1, a member of the Wide I/O series. Nicknamed the ‘Combo Module’, this module offers temperature, analog, and digital I/Os, including high-speed options.  Broadened high-speed capabilities-PWM Target-are now available for the USD-0808THS high-speed module

In addition to new and expanded features in Alarms, expanded Web Server function such as file download, Password protection, new SD card – USB Stick file operations executed via Ladder function or SD Browser widget and more, UniLogic now brings you the ability to write C functions (beta). Once written, you use C functions just as you do Ladder functions.

The new version also brings you faster project compilation and download-and the UniStream’s start-up time has been reduced by 20-25%.

Download it directly from Unitronics website  UniLogic 1.15.70

Have any questions? Please contact us.

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