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UniCloud—Unitronics’ IIoT Platform – Introduces Automatic Backup & Restore, Mobile App Push Notifications and More!

Safeguard your operational continuity, comply with regulations, and gain easy offline access to stored data—these are the benefits of UniCloud’s new Auto Backup & Restore feature for UniStream PLCs. This release increases functionalit with additional features including Mobile App Push Notifications and new ways to compare, analyse, and visualize data.

Auto Backup & Restore for UniStream controllers:
• Safeguard your machine configurations and data: Protect your application with automatic, daily backups of data, static and dynamic settings to the cloud; backups are stored for 30 days.
• Rapid recovery: In case of PLC or SD failure, quickly restore configurations and data remotely or on-site to minimize downtime and ensure operational continuity.
• Eliminate manual backups: Reduce the risk of human error and ensure a reliable data trail for regulatory compliance.
• Easily access data offline: Download your backups and open them to analyse your data anytime.

Auto Backup & Restore for UniStream controllers:

  • Be informed instantly: Receive critical updates directly to your UniCloud Mobile App through push notifications, no need to constantly check email or wait for SMS messages.
  • Eliminate email delays and SMS costs, get critical information faster and stay connected to your operations.


This release also includes two new advanced data visualization tools: a new 4D Heatmap widget that displays data density via colour gradients; and an additional Column widget feature, Stacked Columns.


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