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Unitronics Automation

Unitronics Investment In UK Market

Unitronics recently appointed Sean Donelan to its team with his focus being on supporting the UK distribution and customers. Sean (who is UK based) told us a little about himself.

Supporting Unitronics Distribution in the UK

My background education is in electronics, with the bulk of my working life as a hands on engineer, working mainly in the packaging, pharmaceutical and film conversion sectors. Spending many years commissioning and repairing machinery, programming PLCs, HMIs, drives and SCADA systems has given me the ability to see where Unitronics range of products fits in with many customer applications. I believe in listening to customers first, then advising them where I can, I absolutely detest high pressure sales techniques. My approach is, and always will be, to provide the customer with solutions to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations (an ideal fit with Unitronics).
I’m very excited to be joining Unitronics and assisting customers in getting the best solution possible with our market leading range of integrated PLC and HMI.

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