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VisiLogic 9.5.0

·         Chinese/Japanese/Korean HMI support (Enhanced Vision only)
These double-byte languages are supported by a new fixed text element: Text Image.

·         New Alarm Screens for V1040/V1210 (Enhanced Vision)
These are attractively designed and make good use of the Big Vision screens.

New Alarm Pages

Great NEW features

·         New Alarm option: List Alarm Configuration (Enhanced Vision only)
Previous to the version, Alarms were always displayed according to their ID numbers.  You can now choose to display Alarms in the order in which they activate.

·         Import/Export HMI Displays–now with Jump Conditions
A .vld file now includes Jump conditions.

·         Graphic Images
PNG and CMYK format are now supported.

·         String Library
A new Get Next button on the library toolbar enables you to jump to the next unoccupied line.

·         Trend HMI Element: Curve Name (V1040/V1210 )
This now supports up to 22 characters for display on the HMI screen.

·         HMI Properties Window
Use the Tab to move between properties.

·         Download Modes Warning (Enhanced Vision only)
Users are now warned that the PLC battery must be in place and functional in order to carry out Download.

·         Signature Log
Now contains a new column: Download Type.

·         Operand Values: Connection> Import/Export Operand Values to File
Enables you to take a ‘snapshot’ of operand values.

·         Ladder Function: Fill Vector
Now supports all bit operand types.

·         MODBUS IP: Slave Address via Operand
To indirectly provide a Slave ID number, click the Slave ID cell and link an operand.

·         CANopen: Change COB ID
You can now indirectly provide the ID via operand.

·         New CRC type
Fletcher has been added to the algorithm list.

·         New System Operands
These include:
o   SB 112:  On-Board USB port detected
o   SB 111: (V560 only) Disable Virtual Keypad
o   SB 178: ( V130/V350 only) Profibus Card Detected
o   SI 246: (V1210/V1040 only) Improve Display of Complex HMI elements. 1- 30
o   SDW 49 Signature Log Checksum

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