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Innovative Solutions for Industry Applications

Over the years i4 Automation & Unitronics PLCs have been involved in many different and exciting applications. Here at i4 Automation we are always looking for innovative solutions for Industry applications, below is a compilation of some of the applications we have been instrumental in finding solutions for.

Hygenic Pigging Systems

Ashley Parr, the HPS project engineer stated –

“Support from the guys at Unitronics & i4 Automation was excellent, within the first few days of playing around with the software I had a lot of questions about what I could and couldn’t do. The response was quick and solved my issues every time.”

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i4Automation HPS


Hygenic Pigging Systems

i4Automation CSI


Costing Systems International

Coating System International

“We have found Unitronics to be one of those companies which inspire you to push the boundaries, we are reinventing a control system that has been around for many years on different platforms but with Unitronics we actively look to see how we can improve the product using the available technology but without it adding additional cost for our customers.”

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Stuart Richards, Director of Watersavers says –

“Working with i4 Automation was a good decision as their engineers have an excellent knowledge of the technology involved and understood my requirements… We see ourselves working with i4 Automation in future projects where their complementary skills and expertise can rapidly help bring innovative new products to the market place”

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i4Automation Watersavers


Saving More Than Just Water

i4Automation Unitronics

Systems Integration

Technical Support with i4 Automation and Unitronics Products

East Anglian Based Systems Integrator

East Anglian based Systems Integrator said –

“I was looking for a good technical solution… I found all this and great pricing along with exceptional technical support with i4 Automation and the Unitronics product.”

“I have also found i4 Automation to have an excellent understanding of applications and their ability to always offer good technical and cost effective solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend i4 Automation to find out more about how they can help your control application move forward.”

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AI7 Automation ltd

AI7 use a vast range of Unitronics Products in their applications

The Unitronics Product Line Gives AI7 Automation Ltd. “Quality, Efficiency, Performance, Safety & Cost Savings.”

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i4Automation AI7


Automation Industrial

i4Automation Twisted Vine

Twisted Vine Brewery

Streamlining the Brewing Process

Twisted Vine Brewery

Twisted Vine Brewery using Unitronics PLCs to streamline their brewing process.

In order to produce their great craft beer, the team at Twisted Vine were searching for a robust and reliable controller. “my experience with Unitronics products has enabled me to produce systems that are more productive and user friendly … This system has kept our products at the optimum temperature while keeping our development and operating cost at their lowest.”

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We have a wide range of solutions using our many years of experience and together with our partner companies we will be able to look at the application and readily advise you of the smart way to move your automation application to the next level.

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