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Commission with Confidence

6 months of remote access and data logging to get you started, allowing you to commission your project on site and walk away with the confidence that you will be able to change code, monitor processes and log data remotely without the need to physically send an engineer to the site. Only through i4Automation!

Online in 30 Minutes!

Be online and integrated with IIoT in  just 30 minutes with no prior experience or knowledge needed.

UniCloud Remote Access

Remote Program Changes

We know that when commissioning a project on site, sometimes you walk away from a job well done just to find some slight adjustments are required. Instead of sending the Engineer back to site, you can use the UniCloud VPN to securely access your program from anywhere in the world and easily make changes.

Remote Monitoring & Data Logging with tiered access

Monitor your PLC in real time with a VNC to control your PLC from any PC as if the HMI is right in front of you. You can also log the data in real time and plot the data to tables and graphs in your UniCloud dashboard with tiered access restricted for different users.

Demo & Support from our Unitronics Experts

As we are so sure that you will love this service, we are offering a 6 month demo to experience the full UniCloud features and what it provides!

This will also include access to a full 30 minute one to one meeting with us to get a full run down of the UniCloud service and how it could benefit you. Our team are always on hand to help get you setup and use every aspect of this powerful tool.

Automated Alerts

Send automated SMS/Email Alerts directly to those who need them! Early warning and even critical warnings direct to Engineers or even Managers direct to there mobile or email address so they will never miss a thing!

Need a daily log sending out to the managers while they work? no problem!

1 Software solution to access multiple sites

1 UniCloud log in can be used to access multiple sites and multiple machines from any PC using 1 easy to view dashboard. Access and view the status of many sites at a glance and get more in depth analysis if required.

Remote access at your finger tips with Unitronics new UniCloud app to view your HMI, trends, alerts and much more! Download now!

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