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  • Lutze Regulated, 480 W Power Supply – i4A-722800

  • Lutze Regulated, 240 W Power Supply – i4A-722759

  • Lutze Regulated, 120 W Power Supply – i4A-722758

  • Lutze Regulated, 60 W Power Supply – i4A-722754

  • Lutze Regulated, 30 W Power Supply – i4A-722753

  • Lutze Regulated, 18 W Power Supply – i4A-722752

LUTZE provides reliable industrial power supplies through innovative design and engineering with 1- , 2- and 3-phase units. Both Compact and Delta series offer DIN rail mountable power supplies suitable for a wide variety of different applications.

LUTZE power supplies were developed with technical innovations in mind. As an example, our Compact power supplies are appr 50% smaller in size than the industry standard, and yet offer more than 94% efficiency and are suitable for temperature ranges between -25°C to +75°C.

In your most critical applications, you can rely on LUTZE power supplies to perform beyond your expectations worldwide.