IO Communication Cards (Vision & Samba)

Unitronics’ Snap-in Communication Cards are perfect for enhancing your automation solutions, as they are designed to seamlessly integrate with Samba and Vision PLCs. These compact modules offer a robust and efficient way to expand your PLC systems’ capabilities, ensuring reliable and swift data exchange.

Whether you need them for industrial control, data acquisition, or process management, these communication cards are engineered to meet the demands of any task with ease and precision.


Key Features

Key features include:


– Reliable Data Exchange: Enables robust and reliable data exchange between devices.

– Easy Configuration: The cards can be configured via a blank project, allowing for simple setup and customization.

– Control Flexibility: Users can control the speed and start/stop functions of connected Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) through the communication cards.

– DIP Switches: These allow for easy adjustment of settings for reliable communication and termination.

– Secure Connections: The cards ensure secure cable connections, which is crucial for consistent communication and operation.

– Password Protection: For enhanced security, there’s mandatory password protection for PCOM communications via Ethernet.

– Remote Access Control: Features methods to block remote access actions initiated via PCOM, adding an extra layer of security.

– HMI Integration: Offers a range of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) features, including auto-tuning PID loops and a colour touchscreen display.

V100 Manuals

Part Number Description Install Manual Technical Manual
V100-17-RS4 1 RS232/RS485 port PDF Link PDF Link
V100-17-RS4X 1 RS232/RS485 port (Isolated) PDF Link PDF Link
V100-17-ET2 /


1 Ethernet port

1 Ethernet port (V350). [For V350 high temp PLC]

PDF Link PDF Link


1 CANbus port (Isolated)

1 CANbus port (Isolated) [For V350 high temp PLC]

PDF Link PDF Link
V100-17-PB1 Profibus Slave Module (V130, V350, V430, V700) PDF Link PDF Link

V200 Manuals

Part Number Description Install Manual Technical Manual
V200-19-RS4 1 RS485 port (V570, V560, V1040, V1210 etc) [Discontinued] PDF Link
V200-19-RS4-X 1 RS232/RS485 (Isolated) (V570, V560, V1040, V1210 etc) PDF Link
V200-19-ET2 1 Ethernet port (V570, V560, V1040, V1210 etc) PDF Link


i4 Automation Visilogic Software for Unitronics

VisiLogic is an easy to use and intuitive programming software that is included with this product.

VisiLogic is a powerful software package that allows the Vision™ series of integrated PLC & HMI to be programmed easily and quickly.  The software has a familiar intuitive feel and incorporates many advanced features such as discrete program routines, function blocks, data tables, data logging, trending and alarm handling.  All of the standard maths functions are available and complex formula can be developed without the need to have a degree in computer science!

The integrated intuitive function blocks really make the Vision™ series the powerful devices that they are.  There are many pre-set function blocks available performing a wide variety of advanced tasks as easily as dropping & dragging an icon into your program and configuring a few parameters.

Subjects such as CAN Open networking, Modbus communications, pulse trains outputs and bespoke serial communication protocols all have function blocks available to make the programmers life less difficult.  To find out more detail about the range of function blocks available visit the VisiLogic software page HERE.

You can use VisiLogic and the associated software utilities to program, control, access and download data to and from the PLC remotely and directly.

Get more information about the VisiLogic programming software HERE