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Industrial Automation, Process Control & Software Development

  • AI7 Automation Ltda. of Brazil provides fast, creative & cost effective product solutions and services for industrial automation, process control and software development.
  • They required a PLC and HMI solution that would cater to their customer’s needs for cost effectiveness, efficiency and quality.
  • Unitronics met all their requirements for creating successful solutions.

AI7 Automation Ltda. of Brazil is an OEM dedicated to providing products and services for industrial automation, process control, and software development in order to identify the needs of each customer. They pride themselves on providing quick, creative and cost beneficial solutions. To maintain this standard of service, they were in need of a control system solution that would provide their customers with highest quality end product.

“We needed programmable logic controllers and HMI equipment that would meet the needs of the automation equipment in the industries we serve.” Said Jeferson Franco, an Engineer at AI7 Automation Ltda… “We needed a product line that would suit the sizes of all the different companies (small, medium, large) that we do business with, as well as suit these company’s follow-up factories.”

Unitronics V130, V350, V570 & V1210

Unitronics’ integrated PLC + HMI was the perfect solution. With an integrated unit, AI7 is able to save time and money with one single programming environment, which in turn saves space, less time wiring, as well as save on I/O points. This translates directly to their customers- making catering to different markets easy and affordable.

Technologically Advanced Products

“We use the entire line of Unitronics products- from simple applications using the Jazz®, V130 and V350 models, to the more complex applications where we use the V570, and V1210 models.” Says Franco. For each application and each industry segment, there is a Unitronics unit to tailor their equipment and meet the customer’s need.

Franco continues, “Using the Unitronics products, I am able to provide technologically advanced products and services that provide competitive advantages to my clients in terms of quality, efficiency, performance, safety, cost savings, and improved asset utilization of the plan floor.”

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