Sensopart V10 Vision Sensor

The SensoPart VISOR® vision sensors are a sophisticated combination of high-performance smart cameras and user-friendly software, designed for seamless integration into factory automation systems. These compact and lightweight sensors come with a variety of features such as a target laser for easy alignment and motorized focus for automatic distance adjustment.

They offer flexibility and scalability with different resolutions up to 5 megapixels and various fields of view. The VISOR® family includes models tailored for specific applications like code reading, object AI classification, and robotic guidance, ensuring a solution for every industrial image processing need.

Key Features

Sophisticated Hardware: High-performance smart camera in a compact and lightweight housing.

Easily Configurable Software: Enables the setup of applications in a few simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters.

Connectivity: Comprehensive protocols like PROFINET and Ethernet/IP for seamless integration into various environments.

Flexibility: One of the most extensive vision sensor families on the market, offering solutions tailored to specific applications.

Scalability: Users can select a VISOR® vision sensor that suits their requirements.

Innovative Solutions: Features like a target laser for simple mechanical alignment and motorized focus for automatic adjustment to operating distance.

Diverse Resolutions: Up to 5 megapixels and three different fields of view (narrow to wide).

External Lens Option: A variant for special applications allows the additional installation of an external lens.

Integrated Detectors and Functions: Tailored packages for applications ranging from standard to professional levels.


Product Data

Resolution V10: 800 x 600
Type VISOR® Object
Variant Advanced
Imaging chip Colour
Narrow (integrated)
Integrated Lighting
LED, white


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