CX-T Colour Touch Screen Counter/ Ratemeter (Transistor Output)

  • Large Clear 5 Digit Colour Display
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • Multiple Count Function
  • Easy to Program
  • User-Defined Targets
  • Target Activated Outputs
  • Motion Activated Outputs
  • End Zone Trigger
  • Input for Emergency Mechanical Stop/Reset
  • 24V DC
  • 30 kHz max counting frequency
  • High-Speed Counter input
  • Transistor Outputs
  • 1 RS232/RS485 port for printer


CX-T Colour Touch Screen Counter / Ratemeter with transistor outputs for fast switching

The CX-T is a high visibility counter/ratemeter with a clear colour 5 digit display capable of measuring pulses in either Metres or feet. The user can set a target in the relevant units and easily change between the 2 using the intuitive touchscreen and user interface. If measuring pulses each pulse received can be multiplied by a user-defined value allowing for easy batch counting and measurement. The 65k colour touch screen display shows the current count alongside the target (where applicable) and either the speed, 2nd encoder, total distance or elapsed time depending on which Counter type you select from within the program, all on one screen. (CX-T uses Transistor Outputs)

Additional information


4.3" TFT 65k Colour Touchscreen, 7" TFT 65k Colour Touchscreen


136 x 105.1 x 61.3mm, 210 x 146.4 x 48.8mm


C43-R, C7-R, CX-R

Output Type


High Visibility Counter

Designed to be the clearest most versatile high visibility Counter / Ratemeter available. Using robust industrial outputs and accurate high speed 30 kHz input controlled by a 4.3″ (480 x 272px) & a 7″ (800 x 480px)  TFT 65k colour touchscreen, this unit is a reliable operator friendly Counter/ Ratemeter like no other at an unbelievably competitive price.

Fitting easily into new or existing counting applications this unit can be integrated into nearly any piece of machinery, the high speed inputs will count pulses from any compatible hardware and provide manual, remote and automatic resets if required.

Easy To Program

Easy to program and easier to use, as well as robust versatility this unit is designed for ‘fool proof’ operation. The large, clear display is well lit and easily visible in light and dark environments from virtually any angle.

Printer Function

This unit can also be connected to compatible printers via RS232/RS285 to print a label automatically when the target is hit or manually by the user via a button on screen.

Batch Counting

In Batch Count mode the total amount of distance measured in any given session can be measured independent of the current count. An odometer style read out will display the total amount measured independent of the current count – this can be reset using a supervisor pin code or external input.

Count Multiples

The CX Counter can be set to count a pulse as multiples – where each input pulse has a value defined by the user making batch counting easy and intuitive, simply select the value of each pulse on screen and start counting.

Target / Presets

Targets can be set with just a couple of presses of the intuitive touchscreen and then the clear colour display will show the operator at a glance whether or not this target has been reached and trigger a relay output.

Motion detection

When attached to a mechanical line such as a conveyor belt, the ‘CX’ can detect whether or not the belt is moving, display this on the 65k colour screen and energise an output accordingly. These outputs can be set to a light or buzzer to alert the operator/foreman very quickly and efficiently that a machine is/is not active; reducing downtime dramatically.

End Zone

Another way this unit can increase productivity is with its ‘End Zone’ functionality; need a machine to slow down when it is near a target? No problem. Using the TFT 65k colour touch screen you can easily set an ‘end zone’ as a distance from the final target and when the machine reaches this ‘End Zone’ i.e. 2 metres before the final target, an output switches on which can be set to alert the operator or slow the machine down ready for an operator to complete the job. i.e. cutting, deburring etc.

These more advanced functions and settings can be pin locked and hidden in the set-up menu for use by authorised staff only, allowing regular operators ‘fool proof’ functionality.

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