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Dual capacity: SensoPart code reader now includes object detection The new FA 46 vision code reader can now analyse object characteristics in addition to 1D and 2D codes

The new FA 46 code reader from SensoPart is the only vision sensor in its price range to combine code evaluation and object detection in one device. It also offers outstanding reading ability and flexible data output. Many users now no longer need to invest in an additional object detection sensor or an expensive image processing system.

Standard 1D bar codes and 2D data matrix codes (ECC 200)

FA 46 code reader

The FA 46 code reader from SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH reads both standard 1D bar codes and 2D data matrix codes (ECC 200). The versatile vision sensor can analyse up to five data matrix and/or bar codes in one search zone, and an unlimited number of search zones can be defined. It can also identify other object characteristics such as date stamps or markings in the same reading process. It has three additional detectors for object detection (pattern recognition, grey level and contrast). Thanks to the integrated position tracking option, codes and object characteristics can be reliably detected even when offset from the taught position. Special image filters with extended setting options guarantee an excellent reading performance even in difficult reading conditions.
Equipped with such features, the FA 46 is also able to manage complex automation tasks which previously required a classical image processing system or the use of several sensors – e.g. applications in which several codes are to be read or which combine code reading and object detection. This represents a considerable economy for the user as installation and set-up of the compact vision sensor is simple: the sensor can be configured quickly without substantial knowledge of image processing with the aid of the concise and user-friendly PC configuration software “SensoConfig” which comes with a user guide and context-sensitive help function. PC connection is only required during set-up of the sensor. The sensor functions autonomously in running mode.
Extended evaluation possibilities in the sensor.
The FA 46 code reader offers the user new possibilities when it comes to both detection of characteristics and data evaluation. Inspection results can now be analysed directly in the sensor – either through string comparison or regular expressions, so that a SPC or PC connection can be dispensed with in many cases. A reference string or regular expression can be set directly via one of the sensor interfaces, without the need for use of the configuration software.
The output of standardised quality parameters according to ISO/IEC 15415 and AIM DPM 2006 for printed or directly marked (i.e. punched or laser marked) codes – already implemented in the previous model FA 45 – has also been extended. In addition to the evaluation of 2D codes, the FA 46 code reader can now also determine the quality of ID codes according to ISO/IEC 15416 and issue the results in a freely-selectable format.

Universal interface and operating concept.

The range of functions offered by the new code reader is significantly enhanced in relation to that of its predecessor FA 45. This was made possible by porting to a new software platform – after the object sensor presented last autumn and the solar sensor presented at this year’s Hanover trade fair, the code reader is now the third member of SensoParts’s new Vision sensor family FA 46. The universal interface connection, flexible data protocol and common user concept facilitates the set-up and adjustment of sensors to the existing environment and thus minimises any necessary training.
The FA 46 standard also includes the “SensoView” monitoring software – also included free of charge – which enables the display and monitoring of inspection results and images during running mode. The SensoView scope of functions also includes the change-over and upload of configurations as well as an “image recorder” for downloading images from the sensor memory. The images can then be used for offline simulation of configurations, which reduces the need for intervention during running mode to an absolute minimum.

2D data matrix codes (ECC 200)

FA 46 code reader from SensoPart

Compact, autonomous image processing system.

The FA 46 Vision code reader is a complete image processing system, consisting of a camera in compact sensor size (45 x 45 x 64 mm) with a high-capacity digital signal processor, integrated infrared, red light or white light LEDs, Ethernet and serial RS 422 interface along with digital inputs and outputs. Besides versions with an integrated 6 mm or 12 mm lens, a C mount version is also available. The sensor is supplied complete with the respective configuration and monitoring software.

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